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Apartment 36

Flat 36 is a spacious and sumptuous apartment located on the sixth floor. Thanks to the day section of the flat being exposed to the south-west and the night section facing north-east it presents an attractive floor plan. Dividing space this way allows for an optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the whole day.

Apart from the attractive exposure to world directions, the apartment is enriched by large glass windows covering its south-western wall. This will let in maximum sunlight into the room and will make it optically more spacious. This way the interior will obtain a modern look and allow the residents to enjoy the spectacular view in the direction of Vistula river. Applying sliding balcony doors allows to save space in the living room and the bedroom.

The floor plan allows to optimally develop and finish the flat. The living space is conveniently divided into a day section, containing a living room with a  kitchen, wardrobe and a guest toilet, and a night section, comprised of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a separate laundry room and a second wardrobe.

There is a possibility of creating a floor plan adjusted to clients’ individual needs by changing the planned installation networks as well as finishing the flat according to their own preferences.

Apartment 36 is the perfect place to develop individual floor plan concepts because of its large space and convenient distribution of installation networks.

The standard of apartments located on the sixth floor is increased by the installation of air condition and energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems. Thanks to applying mechanic ventilation systems with energy recovery the apartment will always be filled with fresh air. The technology also allows to generate savings by reducing heating costs.

Apartment 36 - Floorplan

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