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Penthouse Apartment 40

Flat 40 is a sumptuous and spacious two-level penthouse located on the seventh floor with a mezzanine and a large green terrace. Its external walls consist of large glass windows possessing outstanding thermal isolation and acoustic parameters. Additionally they will let in large amounts of sunlight into all rooms. The spectacular view towards Vistula river and the city centre is a great advantage and a unique feature of the apartment.

Applying sliding balcony doors allows to save space in the living room. The floor plan allows to optimally develop and finish the flat. The living space on the lower level is comprised of an open-plan kitchen with a spacious living room, bathroom and a wardrobe.  The mezzanine level can be entirely designed by the client. It can perfectly serve as the bedroom section of the flat. The proposed arrangement of the upper level is presented in the apartments’ catalogue. Apartment 40 is the perfect place to develop individual floor plan concepts because of its large space and convenient distribution of installation networks.

An additional feature of the luxurious apartment is the spacious terrace surrounding the penthouse. Almost 130 metres squared of green space gives its residents an opportunity to relax whilst enjoying the fresh air and the unique Warsaw skyline. A number of ornamental shrubs and plants are designed to cover the terrace. The aesthetic planning of flora allows to achieve harmony and effectively extend the living area.

The standard of apartments located on the seventh floor is increased by the installation of air condition and energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems. Thanks to applying mechanic ventilation systems with energy recovery the apartment will always be filled with fresh air. The technology also allows to generate savings by reducing heating costs.

Penthouse Apartment 40 - lower floor

Penthouse Apartment 40 - upper floor

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