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Apartment 2

Flat 2 is located on the ground floor. The two-room apartment with windows directed towards the south-east is optimally sunlit both during summer as well as in winter. The living room has direct access to the garden. The outdoor space exposed towards the south-east increases the attractiveness of the flat.

Almost 50 square metres of green space give residents the possibility of relaxing whilst enjoying the fresh air. The aesthetic planning of flora allows to achieve harmony and effectively extend the living area. The floor plan allows to optimally develop and finish the flat. The living space is conveniently divided into a day section, containing a living room with a kitchen, and a night section, comprised of a bedroom and a bathroom. The proposed integration of the hall, living room and kitchen creates a spacious interior.

There is a possibility of creating a floor plan adjusted to clients’ individual needs by changing the planned installation networks as well as finishing the flat according to their own preferences.

Apartment 2 - Floorplan

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