Designed by award-winning architect Bogdan Kulczyński,
the creator of “Warsaw Olympic Centre”
Next to two new underground stations:
“Dworzec Wileński” and “Stadion”
To be completed in January 2016
Unique view of the Warsaw skyline
Prestigious apartments in the heart of Warsaw
20 minutes of walk from Warsaw Old Town
a UNESCO World Heritage Site
A quiet neighbourhood in the centre of the Polish capital


The development on Wrzesińska 12 is unique on the Warsaw residential property market. The building was designed by one of the most prominent Polish architects – Bogdan Kulczyński, who is known for creating the “Warsaw Olympic Centre” and many other award-winning projects. The best world technical standards and innovative solutions are applied in construction of the building. Both the front facade and the entrance hall are covered with red brick. Such materials will allow the architecture of the building to match the character of its neighbourhood. The two top levels accommodate two-storey penthouses and a large green terrace. Thanks to such solutions the development resembles modern lofts. The significant room height of 2.75 metres and large windows will give its residents a feeling of comfort and the best possibility of experiencing life in the centre of the Polish capital. 

Wrzesińska 12 lies in the heart of dynamically developing district of Praga. Two new underground stations “Stadion” and “Dworzec Wileński”  are located in the neighbourhood. It is also in proximity to Praski and Skaryszewski parks, as well as the famous Warsaw landmarks such as the Old Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, Copernicus Science Centre, National Stadium or the Warsaw ZOO. Thanks to this, the location combines the advantages of living in a central, historical district with the opportunity to enjoy the abundant green areas, such as those surrounding the wild Vistula riverbank.

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The entrance to the building will be finished using natural materials such as traditional brick and stone. This will create a warm atmosphere felt immediately after entering the hall. The two underground levels will accommodate a garage with 43 parking spaces. The garage will also include a bicycle storage facility. The location of the building enables perfect opportunities for bicycle usage because of the large amount of cycling routes in the area, including the beautifully placed 10km path along the Vistula river.
The architect as well as well as the developer pay great attention to the quality of construction materials applied. All technical parameters of the building, especially acoustic and thermal, are above the usual requirements. The land as well as the flats are sold as a freehold property.

Sales Offices

Sales offices:
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ul. Sarmacka 5g (AMP head office)
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Apartments and Retail Units

Choose floor::

#FloorRoomsSize m2balcony/terrace/garden m2Notes
#FloorRoomsSize m2balcony/terrace/garden m2Notes
M12GROUND + 2253.931.30
M15GROUND + 3388.6411.58
M21GROUND + 4488.6411.58
M26GROUND + 4369.4616.53
M37GROUND + 7,82 FLOORS79.185.79
M38GROUND + 7,82 FLOORS84.625.79
M39GROUND + 7,82 FLOORS102.825.79

Interior Finishing Options

Development level
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The Neighbourhood

There is little space left for new residential developments in the heart of Warsaw. The remaining plots are rarely fit for residential construction. The building at Wrzesinska 12 is one of the few with such an outstanding location. Apart from its proximity to the city centre and peaceful surroundings it is also close to many city attractions.


There are two Warsaw Metro stations near the building. The distance to Dworzec Wileński station is 400 metres and to Stadion Narodowy station – 700 metres. Apart from the underground there is also a number of overground services.


Directly next to the building is a sports facility including a 25 metre-long sport swimming pool, recreational pool, gym, sport hall as well as a bowling alley. Multisport cards allowing free usage are accepted.


The multifunctional sports stadium built on the site of the former 10th Anniversary Stadium and opened for the UEFA Euro 2012 football championship competition finals. It regularly hosts sport, musical as well as general events


“Kino Praha” cinema building was built between 1948-1949. In 2007 on the site of the old facility a new office building was opened, including a three-screen multiplex able to serve 550 viewers. The building facade is comprised of 12 characteristic sculptures representing famous Polish actors.


The right bank of Vistula river is not regulated, thanks to what there are long sandy beaches in close proximity to the building. In the summer season many food joints open in the area serving cold drinks and snacks.


Along the right Vistula riverbank between the Łazienkowski and Grota-Roweckiego bridges lies the cycling route “Słoneczny Szlak”. Cycling, jogging or family walks surrounded by untamed Vistula nature allow for leisure and contrast with the urban character of the nearby centre of the Polish capital.


The Museum of Praga is part of the larger Museum of Warsaw. The construction of the museum will be finished in 2014. It will host exhibitions aimed at preserving and promoting the heritage of the whole of right bank Warsaw.


The Warsaw Zoological Garden has been systematically developing its facilities since its foundation in 1928. During visits it is especially worthwhile to take a closer look at the Hippopotamus facility as well as the largest Polish sea aquarium. There are over 800 animal species in the ZOO and seeing them all is likely to take a day or more.


The building of the former Jewish mikveh is located at 31 Kłopotowskiego Street. Built in the second decade of the 20th century and designed by Naum Hornstein as a Jewish ritual bathing facility, the building played an important role for the Warsaw Praga Jewish community. The building facade is entirely comprised of red brick. The architectural details stand out especially for their high quality of workmanship. Elements of original interior decoration such as flooring and marble stairs remained. The building is the only one of such type in Warsaw. A high school is currently based on the premises


A 64 thousand m2 large building hosts one of the largest Warsaw libraries. The complex also includes a colourful roof garden open for the public. The building is able to host over 5 million books. Apart from the library the facility also includes an underground leisure and a shopping centre.


The Copernicus Science Centre was founded in 2005. Its aim is to promote science in a modern and accessible way. The visitors can learn about physics and nature by carrying out their own experiments as part of interactive exhibitions. In 2013 the Copernicus Science Centre was visited by over 1 million people


The building at Wrzesińska 12 is only 25 minutes of walking away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Centre of Warsaw. It is the oldest urban site in Warsaw and comprises of listed historic buildings mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries, but also includes many examples of medieval architecture such as city walls, the Barbican or St. John’s Cathedral. The Old Town is a Warsaw landmark and a famous European tourist attraction.

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Wrzesińska: 52.249323, 21.036201

The Developer

The investor is AMP Wrzesinska – a subsidiary of AMP Sp. z o.o. AMP is a stable, dynamic firm introducing an innovative approach to construction and able to compete with the best firms in the Polish market because of its focus on client satisfaction. The range of AMP’s activities includes the implementation of residential, industrial, civil engineering, specialised underground and underwater projects. Additionally the company engages in development of commercial real estate as well as renovation and preservation of listed buildings of special architectural and historic interest. The list of finished AMP projects is available here. We present some of our finished projects within the residential activities below:

Wilanów Ogrody Housing Estate

Investor and general contractor

A 4 storey apartment building with nine semi-detached houses. The building comprises of 58 flats with areas ranging from 41 to 150 sq. metres, which included 10 penthouses on the top levels. There is a underground parking with spaces for 107 cars as well as a swimming pool and 450 sq. metres of retail area on the ground floor.

Laguna Villas

General contractor of the 2nd stage of Wille Laguna development on behalf of a major residential developer Dom Development

Olimpia Apartments

General contractor of the 5th stage of Olimpia Residence on behalf of Dom Development.

Marina Mokotów Residences

General contractor at Marina Mokotow Residences on behalf of Dom Development.

Derby Apartments

General contractor at Derby 18 on behalf of Dom Development.

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The Architect

The project of the building at Wrzesińska 12 was created by the prominent Warsaw architect Bogdan Kulczyński. He designed many glamorous Warsaw buildings, such as Melody House (al. Szucha 13/15), Mondrian House (ul. Ludowa 17), Villa Marina (al. Wilanowska 208), Stary Żoliborz apartments (ul. Hanki Czaki 2), and apartments Hoża 55, The Warsaw Olympic Centre complex, Fabryka Trzciny (ul. Otwocka 14) as well as a innovative concept of the Warsaw ZOO gate.

Olympic Centre
Hoża 55
Mondrian House
Melody House

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